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P02 F0,5

1 0,5 mm Diameter of the front holes 2 2 mm Drilling pitch Wall mounting Watch video> Ceiling mounting Watch video>


4shape is the sound absorbing panel that combines innovative design with excellent functional properties. It consists of an MDF panel bonded to a sliced wood veneer cladding. The MDF substrate is 16 mm thick, with perforations ø 8 mm and 16 mm apart, which form about 8000 reverberation chambers per sqm. The sound passes through the surface of the panel by means of the vast number of tiny perforations (+/-250 000 perforations/sqm) of ø 0,5 mm placed at a distance of 2 mm apart. The panels have a low formaldehyde content (E2) and CE certified in class "B-s0,dXNUMX" for reaction to fire.


Inner core
MDF Class 2
MDF Euroclass B-s2,d0
MDF Euroclass B-s1,d0

Inner side
Sound absorbent non-woven fabric

16 mm

2790 × 133 mm
600X600 mm
1200X600 mm

2790 × 133 mm
600X600 mm
1200X600 mm
3000X600 mm
3000X1000 mm
other sizes on request

Wood veneer
Reconstituted veneer
Lacquered RAL

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