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4office door

With a strong and elegant graphic character, the sound-absorbing doors of the 4sound® line complete the features of the 4office system in any furnishing application. This complement opens the door to new opportunities for customization in the comfortable dimension of 4design sound absorption.

4office partition

The 4office-partition walls have a dual function, that of sound-absorbing and that of separation. 4design partition walls can be made to measure and available in any type of finish.

4office stations

4office-station is the sound-absorbing station created to create pleasant and beneficial work environments through the insertion of sound-absorbing screens limiting the propagation of sound. 4design has developed a specific solution for call centers, economic and functional that allows coexistence ...


4office is the product line specifically for offices.
Workstations, cabinet doors and partitions are sound absorbing features which help to ensure high comfort levels in working environments. This makes offices into places where it is easy to concentrate, where working relationships are pleasanter and productivity is improved.

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