4tile Ap


4tile is the sound absorbing tile available in two sizes, 600×600 and 600×1200 mm, with three mounting options, concealed “T24”, visible “T24” and silhouette. 4tile is a staved and perforated ceiling tile system. The tiles differ in the size of the holes (2, 6 and 8 mm) and the mills (8, 16, 32 mm) and the respective interspaces (16 and 32 mm) P16D02 P32D02_S – P16D06 – P32D06_R – P32D06_S – P16D08 – P32D08_R P32D08_S – P08F02 – P16F02 – P16F03 – P32F03. Different hole and mill layouts deliver different acoustic performances. 4tile is available in any surface finish, from melamine to RAL lacquered and from plastic laminates to wood veneers and composites. Panels are available with Eurocode “B-s1,d0” reaction to fire and CE marking for construction materials. Individual tiles are easily removed for unrestricted access to the ceiling cavity.


Inner core
MDF Class 2
MDF Euroclass B-s2,d0
MDF Euroclass B-s1,d0

Inner side
Sound absorbent non-woven fabric

16 mm

600X600 mm
1200X600 mm
other dimensions on request

Melamine paper
Wood or Reconstituted veneer
HPL laminate
Lacquered RAL