4sound Rock Cover

4sound® rock

4sound® rock is an innovative sound-absorbing panel that combines the advantages of stone with the aesthetic finish, versatility and lightness of the wooden panel. 4sound® rock is in fact composed of compressed natural basalt (volcanic rock sustainable and available in nature) specifically designed for use in outdoor environments with high dimensional stability. Its linear thermal expansion coefficient, according to EN 438-2, is 10.5 * 10-3 mm / (mK) lower value than concrete (12 * 10-3 mm / (mK)) and fiber cement (15 * 10-3 mm / (m · K)) therefore the panel is not affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

The compressed natural basalt panel is also particularly safe in terms of hygiene, health and the environment.

4sound® rock does not contain dangerous substances, the formaldehyde concentration is so low that the result of measurements made by external laboratories is lower than the limit of quantification detectable by the sensors (

In addition, 4sound® rock is a fire retardant product, with Eurocode “B-s1, d0” reaction to fire and CE marking for construction materials, particularly suitable for common areas of airports or other environments subject to specific measures for the reaction to fire of materials.

For these characteristics, it was used for the false ceiling of the common areas (7000 m2) of the new Copenhagen metro line Cityringen where the environment is characterized by variable humidity rates that can rise up to 100%.

Available in wood and RAL lacquered finishes, like the 4SOUND® panel in MDF, is a system of sound absorbing wall and ceiling panelling consisting of staved panels with horizontal milled grooves in the top face and holes in the underside which create Helmholtz resonators.


Inner core
Compressed natural basalt panel
Euroclass B-s1,d0

Inner side
Sound absorbent non-woven fabric

10 mm

3000×133 mm
other dimensions on request

Lacquered RAL